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Please Stop Ashaming Yourself Using Twitter Bots

That bots can be both useful, annoying and sometimes outright hilarious is nothing new. They’ve been around for many years and have often been used as some sort of artificial intelligence medium on websites. Even very recent and successful platforms like Slack have a “chat bot” which can make you get accustomed to using the app. The story is completely different when talking about Twitter, where auto reply bots have been a big source of annoyance for me personally. In a time where businesses are all about the “personal touch” when it comes to user interactions there’s really no place for lousy Twitter bots. So please, stop annoying us and stop using bots!

Why Twitter’s Like Button Makes Perfect Sense

As one of the very last major social media platforms currently available, Twitter introduced a “Like” button in favour of it’s long existing “Favourite” button, a seemingly small thing that’s changing the way we use Twitter. Now many users are furious or nostalgic, creating their own workarounds in order to “keep the fav”. But does “like” in stead of “favourite” not make absolute sense? It’s just a matter of semantics.

Free PSN Game Rocket League easy Platinum for Trophy Hunters

If you’re like me, a game completist, or trophy hunter who looks up a game’s trophy list before making a purchase to see how hard it will be to achieve 100% completion you’ll be very pleased: This week’s free PSN game Rocket League for PS4 is one of the easiest games to get platinum you’ll get to play in a while!

This guide got me going on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Earlier this week I started playing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt as friends and colleagues repeatedly assured me that it was amazing and that I would love it. Since I was actually looking to buy a new game as I had just completed two other games and wanted something new, I checked it out some reviews which were all more than impressive and was quickly convinced. A few hours in the game I got very frustrated; nothing worked out the way I wanted and I felt like I made a big mistake. Sound familiar? Then these tips might be helpful to you as well!